I am a Conservative Republican. Our government was formed to protect property and our God-given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I believe true representation lies in trusting and listening while remaining impartial, evaluating issues through the lens of truth and foundational law outlined in our Constitutions..…

November 6, 2017

By the people, for the people

Every year, local legislators bring the capitol to classrooms around the county as part of the Wyoming Back To School program.

Friday, House District No. 5 Representative Cheri Steinmetz wrapped up her annual presentations with eighth and 12th-grade government classes in Goshen County School District (GCSD) No. 1.

“This (program) is done at the state level … but I’ve kind of adapted it to fit our schools – I think the students like to participate in a mock legislature,”… read more

As a mother and now a grandmother, I am concerned and committed to changing the direction of our State and Nation. Unfortunately, we’ve had our taste of Washington politics in Wyoming. We are suffering the effects of “Establishment” Republican leadership overspending and lacking accountability. We must elect public servants across Wyoming dedicated to the people and the Constitutions. The only legitimate power of government is to protect unalienable rights. It is the responsibility of the State to check the power of the Federal government when overreach occurs.

Being born and raised here in Goshen County, my family and friends, our values and way of life are more important to me than power or prestige. The things that truly matter in life, moral character, integrity, honesty and humility are not for sale. It has been my honor to serve Goshen County as the Representative for House District 5 for the last two years. I will continue to work hard and keep my promises. I am always available, accessible, and accountable to you.

I am a Conservative Republican who promotes traditional values. I will continue to work for local control, limited government, responsible regulation, disciplined spending and the protection of individual freedom and enterprise. It is no secret we are in a time of reduced revenue and face a structural deficit in our state budget due to undisciplined spending. We must make adjustments quickly, efficiently and thoughtfully that will result in a long term course correction.

Below is the debt clock for the State of Wyoming Spending to include: Revenue, Unemployed, Food Stamp Recipients, Debt, GDP, Population  and State of Wyoming Debt Per Citizen.

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